Monday, 14 March 2011

Website Design

Our newest project Online is about promoting ourselves, the first part of this was to design our ideal website:

I love scenery, sets and 3D work so I wanted to incorporate this in my design by having forests and cities made out of paper (crudely implied above) as well as mini figures of cakes since food often comes up in my projects. The birds are examples of my linocuts which I would want hanging down. I put these on a shelf to link to my love of collections. In the final website I would take better quality photos of objects on my shelves at home and Photoshop them in. I would also like to design my own pattern for the wallpaper. The words to the left would appear when you rolled over coinciding items on the bookshelf, the fonts relating to my new interest in decorative type especially those in books such as 'New Vintage Type'. In the final website the shelves will probably take up more space as these are what will change when you click the links. The title and top of bookshelf will be a banner and the words are the sidebar. 

Above is a rough idea of how the website works, how it links to this blog and a flickr account I have yet to make...The various pages are my 'portfolio' which will include my recent projects and a few fun things, a 'contact' section which will have my e-mail and twitter (when I get it), and a brief 'about' section giving people an idea of who I am and what I do. 

I'm hoping to redesign this blog sometime soon to fit with this look.  

This is a rough mock up of my website and as I get a better understanding of my practice and where my strengths lie this will change, I already feel as though there should be a more graphic element which started to surface in my Fedrigoni work. What I like about the basic idea is that I can change the objects on the shelf depending on my current interests and work.

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