Monday, 7 March 2011

Fedrigoni Brief YCN - Typefaces

I liked the idea of creating typefaces for the 4 lines within the Freelife range. I had already begun with Merida and decided to work on getting ideas and concepts for the other 3. The idea is quite similar to another piece of Fedrigoni marketing. This design from the Paper Graphics website can be used as shown but also each letter can be separated and used on a postcard to be placed on Magazines or sent out.

I looked at the line Kendo, the line itself is made using hemp fibers and the title refers to the Japanese Martial Arts style. The link is that the Japanese use hemp fibers in making paper as well as kimono. Hemp is also used in Japanese kimono patterns. Based on this I explored these patterns and looked through Kimono Books. I was thinking of involving the patterns in my typeface or having a kimono pattern to accompany it as part of the identity. I looked at books such as 'The Story of the Kimono' by Jill Liddel which the images below are from:

I was also trying calligraphy to create the letters as this fits with Japanese culture. There is also origami which I though was the most appropriate as it involves paper. I tried to make letters by folding paper and after a few attempts came up with this style of writing which I recreated in illustrator:

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