Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fedrigoni Brief YCN - Evaluation

I haven't put up the final spreads that I am sending to the YCN as I'm not sure whether that is allowed.

I have mixed feelings about this brief. I worked hard on it and in some ways I am happy with the outcome. It answers the brief in that it works across various channels: mail, web and magazines. It works for three different audiences: already loyal customers unaware of the range (the brochures), customers Fedrigoni specifically wishes to have (mail outs) and a wider audience (web adverts and magazine inserts). I enjoyed working with and am pleased with the typefaces especially as I was able to link them to paper processes which allows Fedrigoni to show off the versatility of their papers while also informing the audience of the background and cultural influence behind the papers.

However I also feel when looking at all the research into paper art that I conducted that this project could have been more creative and exciting. The outcome feels very corporate and not what I expect my work to be, although I do often feel a graphic influence coming into my work.

On a more practical side I would have liked to work on the animations more. The Vellum and Kendo animations are very subtle and I would have liked to experiment with lighting to make them clearer.

I really enjoyed exploring the cultural backgrounds of the papers, and feel this is something to remember for future projects. However I also feel that I should have put a bit more emphasis on the environmental aspects as well, since this is what Fedrigoni focuses on with this range. 

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