Monday, 7 March 2011

Fedrigoni Brief YCN - Final Adjustments

While they haven't changed much, and Cento hasn't changed at all, I finalized each of the typefaces. I wanted to make them all the same size. I also created a simplified version of Merida for cutting out as for small cut out versions the proper version would be too fiddly.

For the front of my brochures I tried various ways to place the Fedrigoni Logo on the side and the range typeface on the front. In the end I also added a subtle 'FRE' which is on the Freelife sample folder at the showroom and this created the right balance.

Because I wanted the Fedrigoni on the side of the brochure to fit with the theme of each range e.g.embossing I needed to create the appearance of the logo folded using scans as this would be almost impossible in reality and this is the result:

I went and created layouts for the information inside the brochure and used these also as part of the mail out booklets.

Also for the mail out booklets I created instructions for how to make up the booklet from the sheet of A4 on illustrator to be printed on the back of the envelopes they are mailed in.

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