Sunday, 16 January 2011

Research into Paper Art - Last of it,odds and ends

Sorry, this is ridiculous but there is so much awesome paper art out there and I wanted to look at all that paper could be used for as well as seeing what other people have done to try to be as original as possible.

Last batch...for now

Hattie Newman:

Some examples of text using paper. Creating a small set and photographing it to make a 2D image using suspended text. Making paper shapes and hand drawing text on and creating letter forms with themes.

Yulia Brodskaya:

Has a massive collection of interesting text made using paper. I particularly liked the recycled card piece below as the material fits with the word and she makes use of the textures of cardboard.

Anastassia Elias:

Creates these colourful collages, the piece at the bottom is based on Inca and I would like to do something similar with the patterns and colours of the Aztecs and Mayan's.

Simon Schubert:

An example of mark making using paper, but creasing and scoring paper Schubert created these views of a villa.

Rick Myers:

Another example of mark making on paper but using teeth to make bite marks.

Little Paper Bird:

I loved this piece because it creates a beautiful image just using the forms of books and folded papers.

Research into Paper Art - Products

Emma Smart:

Interesting packaging design, the box can be used as a plate and the images inside the box compliment this.


Like the paper flower shoppe this piece allows people to have flowers every day choosing from 32 different types. Making something temporary permanent.

Ilvy Jacobs:

A designer who makes bags out of paper.

Natascha Madeiski:

Used paper to make a lamp in the shape of a city.


Really nice idea for something to send people, could be inspiration for invitations/direct mail aspects of a marketing campaign. Pop up houses which you can grow a plant in.

Nel Linssen:

Creates jewellery from paper.

Jolis Paons and Yuliya Kyrpo:

Two dresses made from paper, the first by Paons using a recycled phonebook and the other by Kyrpo made with a thousand cranes using old Metro newspapers. Both good examples of recycling paper.

Research into Paper Art - Installations and Models/Sculptures


Hattie Newman:

Large Mountain Range made out of paper. I like the blockish shape and attention to detail with the little town.

A breakfast set made out of paper. Various breakfasts people can have. Interactive aspect of choosing what breakfast you would like.

Johnny Kelly:

A paper model photographed for use as a poster, showing the human brain as a machine. Example of a 3D work created for the sake of a 2D piece.

Anna Wili Highfield:

I liked the rough tears of the paper used to create these sculptures I think it adds to the movement and life of the birds.


The (purely paper) Flower Shoppe (David Stark):

A flower shop where all the flowers are made of paper. I really loved this idea, could definitely consider doing something similar.

Hattie Newman:

Installation of birds made of recycled paper, the birdhouses also allow people to put in comments about the show. Very appropriate for my project as it looks at environmentally friendly paper.

An example of cut outs used in an installation.

Andreas Kocks:

The white on white really makes a subtle piece that really makes you focus on the texture of the paper.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Research into Paper Art - Cut Outs

Now I'm looking at ways artists cut paper to create their pieces.

Aoyama Hina:

An example of how paper can be cut so that it resembles lace

Emma Van Leest:

I liked her use of cut outs to create shadows as well as layering cut outs on top of each other using different colours - combines pattern with some depth.

Anastassia Elias:

Shows how you can create something beautiful using simple materials. I love the depth and the portable nature of these pieces. Its also clever how two separate pieces can link together but also work on their own.

Bovey Lee:

I liked the influence of chinese art in the pieces. She uses rice paper, which relates to the subject and is sustainable.

Catherine Hammerton:

Cuts out of wallpaper to add extra dimension.

Floortje Fluitsma:

Cut out internal parts of the body using paper and then applied them to the body. Interesting to see the inside on the outside, a way of applying paper to things.

Ingrid Siliakus:

Using cut outs to create 3D architecture, links with my work as I'm thinking of linking my paper work to Mayan and Aztec civilizations so a similar approach could be taken with the Aztec pyramids.

Peter Callesen:

Always uses a single sheet of paper, I like that you can see the negative shape of what creates the model and how this is manipulated in the tree and skeleton piece.

Simone Lourenco:

Uses layers of coloured paper, cutting through to expose the colours below while creating textures on the surface. I really liked the contrast of colours and the patterns within the piece.

Another Stephanie Beck piece, showing an urban area using cut out paper. You can tell what it is but there is also a beauty to the shape and lines without its context.

Yuken Teruya:

Another artist using usual materials such as toilet roll. Like with Peter Callesen I like the negative of where the branch shapes have been cut. The recycling of toilet rolls also relates to the environmental aspect of my project.