Saturday, 15 January 2011

Research into Paper Art - Sets

My next project involves paper so I've been researching different ways of using paper creatively.

Firstly I found a lot of examples of it used to make sets.

Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich:

I love the mix of materials, the sets are predominately made of paper but I like the use of CD's for the ufo's and the use of different papers such as money for the fish. The attention to detail is also incredible.

Hattie Newman:

I particularly liked this work because it shows how the sets can be applied to websites, the piece 'The Assembly' was animated for a website and you can also see the images below that were also used as images for a website.

Stephanie Beck:

Example of a set which just utilizes a majority of white paper, 'Aviary' is a cityscape of bird cages.

Wataru Itou:

Another piece using white paper but this castle uses lighting to add colour. The piece itself is stunning, I can't even think how it was made.

Yumiko Matsui:

I liked the way paper is used to portray the flat graphics of urban areas in these pieces.

Because I found so much inspiration for this project, I'm going to split up the research.

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