Sunday, 16 January 2011

Research into Paper Art - Installations and Models/Sculptures


Hattie Newman:

Large Mountain Range made out of paper. I like the blockish shape and attention to detail with the little town.

A breakfast set made out of paper. Various breakfasts people can have. Interactive aspect of choosing what breakfast you would like.

Johnny Kelly:

A paper model photographed for use as a poster, showing the human brain as a machine. Example of a 3D work created for the sake of a 2D piece.

Anna Wili Highfield:

I liked the rough tears of the paper used to create these sculptures I think it adds to the movement and life of the birds.


The (purely paper) Flower Shoppe (David Stark):

A flower shop where all the flowers are made of paper. I really loved this idea, could definitely consider doing something similar.

Hattie Newman:

Installation of birds made of recycled paper, the birdhouses also allow people to put in comments about the show. Very appropriate for my project as it looks at environmentally friendly paper.

An example of cut outs used in an installation.

Andreas Kocks:

The white on white really makes a subtle piece that really makes you focus on the texture of the paper.

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