Saturday, 8 January 2011

 Printmaking Elective (MODULE: 2ILL521.1 Illustration through Processes 3)

For this project my aim was to create a book illustrating my own version of Aesops 'Jay and the Peacocks'. I changed the story so it was set in a Baroque Garden during a Masquerade Ball for birds. Due to this I wanted my illustrations to be elaborate focusing on representing a variety of birds. I believe my final piece would be suited for sale at a Small Publishers Fair.

My research involved looking at Baroque patterns and gardens, Venetian masks, bird books and Illuminated Manuscripts. I researched bookmaking at books fairs and bookshops as well as looking at books shown during lessons. Other inspiration came from printmakers such as Colin See-Payton and John Lawrence.

I used lino for my final piece as I wanted to use pattern and silhouette and I felt I could combine both these and detailed bird images together using lino. I was also used gradients to introduce variety in the tone of each print. In order to more effectively communicate my story I used pull out pages to emphasis the climax and the dominance of certain characters. I also changed the colours of each page to suit the mood at each point in the story.

I am pleased with the techniques mentioned above. However I feel the first pull out page is not obvious enough, although I tried various other ways to make it more obvious but all these negatively effected the images. I also wish there were no air bubbles in the binding and feel the cover may benefit from having a title.

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