Sunday, 16 January 2011

Research into Paper Art - Last of it,odds and ends

Sorry, this is ridiculous but there is so much awesome paper art out there and I wanted to look at all that paper could be used for as well as seeing what other people have done to try to be as original as possible.

Last batch...for now

Hattie Newman:

Some examples of text using paper. Creating a small set and photographing it to make a 2D image using suspended text. Making paper shapes and hand drawing text on and creating letter forms with themes.

Yulia Brodskaya:

Has a massive collection of interesting text made using paper. I particularly liked the recycled card piece below as the material fits with the word and she makes use of the textures of cardboard.

Anastassia Elias:

Creates these colourful collages, the piece at the bottom is based on Inca and I would like to do something similar with the patterns and colours of the Aztecs and Mayan's.

Simon Schubert:

An example of mark making using paper, but creasing and scoring paper Schubert created these views of a villa.

Rick Myers:

Another example of mark making on paper but using teeth to make bite marks.

Little Paper Bird:

I loved this piece because it creates a beautiful image just using the forms of books and folded papers.

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