Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Font Research and Experiments

The new project for our Online module is to create a font. I spent a good lot of yesterday looking through some of my favourite type books and browsing online.

One of these books is 'New Typographics with font samples' which the below examples are from. The first two pieces are by Richard Niessen and the last was designed by Barbara Battig. I love the colours and creation of a wonderland like castle using fonts and the retro feel of the other pieces. I was inspired to look at retro 8 bit fonts.

The other book is 'Playful Type' which has an amazing collection of experimental type.  The below examples by Lisa Rienermann and Superscript show how type can be created using the environment around us which is very relevant to the brief.

 Camille Lebourges and Hjarta Smarta's work show examples of how fonts can be made of objects. I like the childhood nostalgia in Lebourages piece, which I was considering for my work. Smarta's work relates to my love of collecting objects and I was considering doing a font based on collections in the V&A because of this piece.

 Another work that relates my collector mentality and my love of physical objects over digital was the piece below by Annemarie van de Berg showing a letter made of books. While Yokoland's piece yet again brought in my interest in 8 bit graphics and type.

I combined these ideas to create a font which I wanted to express my love of books and while I know there are advantages to digital e-readers I never I want books to be replaced entirely.I cut 8 bit style type into books to create depth and show the physicality of books. 

I kept thinking of different more handmade ways of creating digital looking fonts and was inspired by the pieces below.The letters using light by Hort and Nir Tober inspired me to experiment with coloured light and Karina Petersen's piece below these inspired me to look at shadows.

 The results of these experiments are shown below. It was hard with light I had to create sharp images and the camera wouldn't focus on the shadows but I think the results were interesting.

I decided to focus on cutting letters out of books and trying to successfully photograph them.

As part of my initial research I also looked at Rebus, Film Titles and various other things. I was really interested in film titles like Saul Bass inspired pieces such as 'Buried' and 'Catch Me If You Can' as the way the text and image interact is really successful. While not relevant to the direction my project is taking they could be useful for future projects.

http://www.artofthetitle.com/ is a great site with a variety of interesting film titles.

There was also the above posters for the 'Coraline' movie promotion which was a alphabet where each letter was placed in a magazine with the corresponding first letter. I like the small additions to the letters which makes them images.

This 'I Fight Dragons' album cover is where the 8 bit inspiration also came from. I was also interesting in possibly doing a rebus piece similar to Paul Rand's IBM piece.

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