Monday, 7 March 2011

Fedrigoni Brief YCN - Merida Research

In order to research the Merida line within the Freelife range I went to the British Museum to see their Mayan/Aztec section. Of the Mayan/Aztec culture I was particularly interested in the calendar, the writing system and the day of the dead. Here's some photos I took with the awful camera on my phone:

I then started to experiment with the different aspects I was interested in. I was thinking of trying to create an environment out of paper to make an event at this point. I wanted it to relate to the environmental aspect of the Freelife range as well as using Mayan flowers to relate to the Merida range. I looked at this website for information on Mayan plantlife:

I then created an invitation to the event based on the Mayan calendar, the piece would be cut into sections and could be put together as a puzzle. I got this idea from the puzzle that Fedrigoni released as pictured in the post below.

I also wanted to create a font based on the Mayan writing system and here's my try at the FRE of Freelife:

I then refined this and created the word Merida using the colours of the range:

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