Monday, 28 March 2011

Final Typeface

Above is my final typeface. When cutting out the letters I tried to add as much variety as possible while still trying to make everything clear. Variety is important as I wanted to show the physicality and the numerous ways the books could create these 8 bit fonts to illustrate that books are in many ways superior to e-readers. I cut through blank pages to revealing lines of text as well as the reverse of this. I cut into images to reveal either text or a blank page as well as cutting into the covers.

I tried to bring in the same variety when photographing the images. I really wanted to show depth and the book as an object that can be manipulated. I took images from different angles, I used the shadow and light created as well as trying to include the pages along with the letters.While photographing I was keeping in mind the work of Veronica Bailey whose work is shown below:

Her work really emphasises that books are objects and are beautiful and interesting in their own right.

 I'm pleased with the font as I feel it gets the message across. Although I find some letters are harder to make out than others but I feel this is less noticeable when they have the context of the letters around them, how they work on their own is a different issue. For the sake of fitting them all onto one sheet I had to crop some of the photos and I felt some pieces looked better with more space around the letter. With more time I would have liked to experiment more with how I could have cut the letters and ways of manipulating the books to make the images more interesting. As I went on photographing I had to come up with more and more different ways of shooting the letters and I think interesting results would have happened if I kept pushing this.

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