Monday, 7 March 2011

Fedrigoni Brief YCN - Development

After creating the typefaces I needed a way to apply them to a marketing campaign. I decided to apply each typeface to paper in a different way. Kendo would obviously be folded, Cento printed, I would cut out the Merida typeface and emboss the Vellum one. I would create sends outs, brochures and Web adverts. For the web adverts I wanted to do simple stop motion films of the typefaces being created using the methods mentioned above. I thought this would bring the physicality of the paper to a flat medium and the stop motion would ad a handmade feel.

This is the first attempt at the Kendo web advert, apologises they are all very low res:

Here's the first drafts of the 3 as well as a second attempt at Kendo:

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