Monday, 7 March 2011

Fedrigoni Brief YCN - Cento

Cento is a poem made up of already existing poems which relates to the Cento paper being made of recycled materials. I struggled the most with this idea as it didn't have a strong visual cultural image as its more of a concept. My initial attempt was to take scans of old poety, music and books to create the text which resulted in this:

I also tried to make the word out of famous poetry lines which created this which wasn't very successful:

I was then inspired by the 'Reverting to Type' exhibition which showcased letterpress work such as those below. Letterpress is the use of created letters to make various pieces which works with the idea of recycling and making new things out of already existing items.

To take my research further and to find more interesting uses of letterpress I researched futurist typography and came across the inspiring 'Futurist Typography and the Liberated Text' by Alan Bartram images from which are shown below:

These were the inspiration for the piece below, which I also printed using monoprinting.

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