Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Japanese Earthquake Zine

 Our next project is to create a zine using photographs taken at various locations. I wanted to relate my to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I went around my area taking pictures with the intention of editing them to make it appear that an earthquake occurred in Harrow, bringing the disaster closer to home.

 I took photos of cracks in the ground with the intention enlarging them and using them to make massive cracks in the ground. I took pictures of buildings and streets to show them in rubble or on fire.

I then printed some of the images to experiment with. I firstly tried using oil pastel and marker pen to create chaotic images. One was showing a tree falling on a train and causing a fire. I also took the image of fruit and veg and cut out the boxes and some individual pieces of fruit to make them appear as if they were falling. I really liked the outcome of this so tried it with a crumbling church.


I also used acetate and tracing paper to copy images and then move the acetate over to give the impression of shaking. I also went over images to show the rubble and debris that would build up as well as the water from the tsunami flooding in. I also experimented with ripping the tracing paper and photo below.

I took the images of stones and cracks in the ground and created a collage of a destroyed street. I used oil pastel again to show both the tsunami and a building on fire. My images were both based on typical imagery associated with earthquakes as well as images on the BBC News website from Japan.

 As the last page I intend to use the gravestone from the pictures above and for the first page I want to use the image below which is 8.9 (the magnitude of the quake although some places state its 9.00) written in cracks in the ground.

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