Monday, 15 November 2010

Small Publishers Fair

Visited the Small Publishers Fair this weekend. I found inspiration for both projects.

For my dessert illustration photographs I saw a nice concertina of photographs where the first page contained a small disc in a fold, not sure what I would put on the disc...or if I would even use a disc, could instead put some postcards of the photographs in.
Also saw a nice concertina with wood for the front and back covers, which sits inside a fake hardback book, my piece could sit inside a miniature cake box in a similar way.

For Printmaking I saw a concertina in the same style I want to use but without the hardback cover using just some bent card which is something I can experiment with when I get to the bookmaking stage. It might be a nice idea to make a few books trying out different covers. Also found a beautiful book by Klara Smith with pop up cut outs, unfortunately it was a one off and there's no images of it on her website but here is something similar she's done. Also some printmaking using a solar plate with some nice bird designs, more cartoony than what I'm trying to achieve but I like the pattern of the feathers as well as the leaves.

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