Monday, 22 November 2010

Printmaking Stuff

We had a visit from Katherina Manolessou this week who had an amazing collection of books which really inspired me and she also helped me improve my approach to my book.

Firstly there was a book which works as a poster, it starts on one side with a sequential piece and then you turn over to reveal a poster. I really liked the idea of incorporating posters into books. Although I didn't get a photograph of it there was a book in which one of the pages folded out to be bigger like a poster.

Another book I really liked was one looking at love hearts and it used stickers which the audience could place so it had an interactive element. It also showed a range of well applied compositions. It was nice to see the roughs that went towards the creation of this book.

There was also a small book with a style similar to how I want to do and it had a way of doing the cover I hadn't seen before but really liked as its simple but pretty effective. Its similar to a warp around:

I talked to Katherina about my work and realised that my compositions don't vary much, because of this I make another mock up of my book and played more with fold out pages, inspired from the books I saw, to emphasis certain points and I used some more close ups and considered using silhouette more. I feel I made some very important changes to my book plan this week. I also did a print of a lino I cut during the week which I was pleased with and will upload a scan of when it's dry.

I made several copies of one print this week and spent a day in the printroom.

Assessing Myself:

Competence in practical printmaking techniques: 65 (was very pleased with the print I did this week, the gradient technique is working well and I was happy with the lino I cut)

Thoughtful and imaginative use of printmaking: 55 (more thoughtful towards the format of the book rather than printmaking at the moment so not sure if that counts)

Visual Sensibility; understanding and expressing ideas in images: 75 (really improved how my book works with my idea and using it as an object, considered composition and viewpoint a lot more)

Using research to expand knowledge, enrich thinking and affect your work: 80 (the books Katherina brought in really helped in the transition of my idea)

Active participation in taught sessions: 75
(discussed my work with both Caroline and Katherina and took part in looking at books)

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