Monday, 22 November 2010

Food Illustration Final Pieces

I definitely think the weak point in this project was I didn't allow enough time to properly consider how I wanted to present my images, I have a lot of options: posters, greetings cards, a book or collection of small books, a cake box with prints inside. In the end with the time remaining I decided to do greetings cards but I tried to add a little extra by putting the recipes for the food inside the card. At first I tried this with paper but found that tracing paper looks a lot more successful.

Here's pictures of the cards and an example of how the inside looks:

The other final pieces I create are two posters, they are advertising Fairy Tale Ballets/Opera's showing at the Royal Opera House, Cinderella is on now while Hansel and Gretel was last year. I'm really happy with these, I was quite worried about it since I hate working with text but I found one that worked and I used it with the greetings cards.

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