Monday, 1 November 2010

Red Riding Hood Illustration

This post is a little overdue, I have lots of images to put up so was avoiding it. For my Red Riding Hood illustration I decided to research how other illustrators have shown the story and found some really good examples.

This piece by Maxfield Parrish strongly inspired me, I liked the flowing cape and ribbon. You can see it's influence in my piece beside it.

Other images I was keen on include:
(Artists in order shown below) A.H. Watson, Charles Robinson, Jennie Harbour and W. Heath Robinson.

Illustrations taken from: SurLaLune Fairy Tales

I created one more photoshop trial which I decided was my favourite piece because of a balance of depth and narrative.

I then went about making the Gateaux, Rote Grutze and Modeling Chocolate. Firstly the Gateaux which I made over two days, firstly baking the cake and then decorating. Below you can see the process of making the cake and the making of the Rote Grutze and modeling chocolate (which is just melted chocolate mixed with golden syrup.

I took over 500 photos...just got my SLR so adjusting to it and wanted plenty of choice. I need to shift through them so can't put them up yet but CAKE IS HORRIBLE TO WORK WITH. The Gateaux looked lovely till I cut it and the parts became really unstable and some fell over and became mush so I had less pieces to work with than I was hoping. I wanted to try both compositions in this post but was only really able to explore the second as the cake couldn't be moved around without destroying it. The modeling chocolate was hard to get the right temperature to mold, so it was either hard or gooey. I quite like the results but it wasn't quite what I expected. The amount of effort to make the cake meant the idea of trying a second time makes me want to cry. I'm hoping as I'm making a series of these that each piece doesn't need to be very strong as they will compliment each other and make up for each others weaknesses.

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