Monday, 15 November 2010

Beauty and the Beast Completed

I managed to successfully make macaroons! Hurray! Never ever making them again.

Then I was able to go on to making the Moelleux au Chocolat which was so much easier and such a relief after the macaroons.

It was dark when I finished and I wanted this piece to be light and bright so I waited until the next day and then I decorated my Creme Caramel with a portrait of a lady, which took a few attempts as originally I was going to use piped chocolate but the colour didn't stand out and I couldn't get very detailed, so I tried the white chocolate writing icing I got for the gingerbread house and that worked really well except it spread out over time so I had to photograph it quickly and re draw it 3 times. I baked my Moelleux au Chocolate and then set up for the photograph. I wanted a high view point which meant getting my tripod as tall as possible which was pretty funny as I had to stand on a chair to see the photos.

Here's the results:

I'm really happy with the difference between the desserts when viewed from above and from the side.

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