Monday, 1 November 2010

Cinderella Illustration

Originally I was just going to do images with food relating to the cultures of the fairy tale's writers however since I want to make a quick impact on audiences I need to stick to relatively well known fairy tales that just leaves me with Germany, Britain, France and Denmark. So to bring the link to food closer I decided to experiment with actual food mentioned in fairy tales. Firstly this time of the year inspired me to create a pumpkin carving for Cinderella. Like with Red Riding Hood I looked at SurLaLune for existing illustrations.

Artists by order shown: W Heath Robinson, John B Gruelle, Ella Dolbear Lee, Harry Clarke, Edmund Dulac.

I used these illustrations plus other images of carriages to design an image of a carriage to carve on my pumpkin, as I wanted to show on the pumpkin what it becomes in the fairy tale.

I also researched some pumpkin carving, I was particularly impressed with this artist's (Snerk) work:

For fun this halloween I carved a pumpkin, this also gave me a chance to practice pumpkin carving for my illustration.

Unfortunately I was so involved in pumpkin carving I only took two images of the stages of the carving, it took about 5 hours in the end.

Again I will post the final shots later as I took quite a few, although not as many as last time. I was getting to grips with the shutter speed with this photograph.

Finally I found an interesting example of food photography, the photographer Martin Klimas's exploding fruit and veg are really beautiful and energetic.

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