Monday, 1 November 2010

Printmaking Midway Review

I didn't spend any time in the printroom other than when I was having a crit with my group this week because I wanted to focus on the book aspect of my piece. I created a more considered mock up of my final book to show at the crit, using more finalised compositions of the final pages.

In my crit it was thought that having cut out parts on every page would seem like too much/overwhelming. Since the owl removing the mask from the Pigeon is the climax of the piece we decided I should just use it on that page to emphasis the climax. I was intending to create a lino with a silhouette pattern on it that I can put behind all the cut outs (except when I need to have the pigeon or text). I'll still use the silhouettes but will not create another layer to have them on.

With regards to colour my group thought the black and white pieces were too stark but instead use muted colours such as browns. It was suggested that I look up Baroque Colour schemes for inspiration as the Baroque inspirations were liked.

For text, content wise I need to think how to write it if I'm not aiming it at children. Maybe look at using dialogue instead of a narration or look at speech/writing from baroque times. Since I'm going to scan my piece in and print it out it makes sense to add the text on the computer. Maybe having handwritten Baroque style text for the title and end.

My group gave me an indicative overall mark of: 65%, with my communication being one of my weakest points as the cut outs were making the piece too confusing.

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  1. Good! but try to be more descriptive of the ideas as well as a solely reflective technical guide. Caroline Baruah.