Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hansel and Gretel

For Hansel and Gretel I started off looking at illustrations to see how the gingerbread house was represented.

Below is an illustration by Kim Toohey which shows an interesting angle of the house and has a detailed rich roof. You can tell its edible (and delicious) but its harder to put your finger on what exactly everything is which making it hard to working out what to use on mine. Next to that is a really inventive piece by Eleanor Davis which makes the house the actual shape of the witch.

My favourite piece is this by Kay Nielsen, I love the shape of the trees and the oasis around the house. It's had a strong influence on my piece.

And here's some other interesting pieces showing the portrayal of the house. In order the pieces are by Ashley Smith, Anne Anderson and H.J Ford (See SurLaLune).

Then I looked at Google images to see various shapes and decorations of gingerbread houses. Here are some amazing examples from Jeff Barr's Blog:

And here's the making of my gingerbread house, I discovered the awesomeness of exporting slideshows on iPhoto for this.

It all started so easily then the roof wouldn't stay on. Took about half an hour of holding it, nearly broke two parts in the process. It was horrible. There was icing everywhere. Anyway I'm pretty pleased with the house.

Here's one of the photos of it, I also want to try it in the dark with a light at the back.

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