Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Research - Links between Food and Illustration

I found an amazing website ( which has a section devoted to food art, food packaging and generally food applied in an artistic way. This had a lot of interesting artists and projects.

One being Tattfoo who has worked with food for creating chess/checkers and has done a range of pieces encouraging people to eat a range of colours of fruit and veg.

The next being a bit more applicable to my project specifically, Lucky's is a website/shop which specialises in selling chocolates based on characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Similarly the Grimm Brothers Brewhouse uses Grimm's Fairy Tales as the theme for their beers. It's a German brewery so this theme fits well and the tastes of the beers are tailored to suit the themes, e.g. Snow White and Red Riding Hood.

Finally the book Eat Love by Marije Vogelzang that looks at her body of work which explores food and eating in depth. Her work includes mixing orange juice and yogurt according to Fibonacci's sequence. An entirely white meal to fit with many cultures association with white and funerals.

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