Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Printmaking Elective 2

This week I created and printed one lino, experimenting for the first time with reductive colour. I didn't register the paper accurately enough and the colours didn't match up so will keep that in mind next time. I spent all of Tuesday in the Printroom.

I made a mock up of my book which made me positive about the form of the concertina within a bound book with cuts in the pages. In discussing my work with Caroline I know I need to consider these things:

Colour, whether to:
  • Use Reductive colour
  • Hand apply it afterwards
  • Edit colour of computer?
  • Cut up lino and ink up parts separately then put back together
  • Use separate lino pieces for each colour
  • Include that much colour anyway? Use majority B/W? Maybe cover or just the masks (as the point is that the birds are using the masks to affect what other birds think of them, looking at the masks not the birds themselves)
Size: Reducing my prints on the computer, using A4 Lino (how to join if so?) etc.

Image: Using silhouette to have variety of detail and more impacting images, use of busy and not busy, balance, using elements of different images to reduce the amount I have to do

Want to have the setting as a garden as Baroque Patterns use flowers and I want to incorporate weeds into these Baroque Patterns on the edges of my pages as there are some nice looking weeds despite the fact they are pests, similar to Pigeons.

We looked at the art book collection at the library, I saw some successful pieces using the same book form I want to use so that was encouraging. I also want to experiment with tracing paper and layers a little (inspired by another book) I took some pictures which I'll also upload at a later time due to internet difficulties.

Over the next week I need to do some more tests with the cutting of paper and the form of my book.

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