Thursday, 7 October 2010

Printmaking Elective

After trying lino for the first time last week I did an actual print with it this week. I was really pleased with it. I could get a nice amount of detail in. Although it's made me realise my design will either need to be simplified or my book be a decent size (around A4) for me to include all the detail I want to. I used the design I've come up with for the Pigeon's mask. I need to work on the layout of the book and composition. I'm thinking of using a concertina within a handback cover with holes cut in so you can see things on the inside of the concertina folds. I'm thinking of cutting around the mask and having an illustration of the Pigeon behind to emphasis the idea of disguise. I also think this would be a good way to add text as I thinking of have the images be very detailed and busy. Another idea I'm thinking of is using Baroque patterns on the birds as this links in with the designs of the masks.

While in the Tate I saw the work of Alice Melvin which seemed to be quite similar to the style I'm going for especially with the application of pattern to animals, you can see her work here:

Her work shows there is a market for the style I'm going for, Tate visitors are a potential audience.

I also visited the Book Arts Book Shop and the Nobrow shop for some inspiration, I found some nice examples of books which I will post once I've got photos.

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