Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Photoshop Collages

This was my test for my East of the Sun West of the Moon illustration, as I said before my idea has changed but I thought doing photoshop tests is quite effective, and a collage like this could be part of my final piece.

My first experiments are with Red Riding Hood:

The first image has a nice depth, but I'm not sure how easily people would interpret it as Red Riding Hood. I tried to use the cake as both a symbol for forest and teeth. The second is easier to interpret but lacks the impact of the first image.

The next image is very simple, the shape of Red Riding Hood would still be in the small pot in the final image. I tired to show the large foreboding wolf encasing the small Red Riding Hood. However the message of this image might not come across. The one next to it was hard to portray with collage. I wanted to show the woodcutter as he cuts into the wolves stomach with Red Riding Hood inside, I'd like to try this with an actual picture of Red Riding Hood as well.

I went with the forest/teeth idea again with this image, to see if this composition is clearer.

Finally moving away from previous experiments I tried to illustrate the 3 questions Red Riding Hood asks the wolf. I started with 3 individual images but realised they could work as one image. The result is quite creepy, I like the ears and the teeth but am not sure about the eyes. I'm not sure how photoshopped I want this piece to be or how much I want to rely on the photographs I'm going to take.

I don't feel strongly about any of the pieces so far, I like the ones with more depth but feel I need to add more of a narrative to them.

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