Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Printmaking Research

Here's some research I've done for my Printmaking elective, mainly about bookmaking but some print too.
Below is some images of books in our library's artbook collection:
NO 3. Is very similar to the style of book I want to make (although the picture isnt too good) It shows that this style of book can be made very small if I wanted to.
NO 1/5. Is a different version of my planned book style, it doesn't use a hardcover and the cover can actually be taken away, so technically the piece can be viewed as I planned or as a normal concertina although the creator of this book hasn't utilized this.
NO 2. Shows some nice use of woodcut
NO 6. Has a book using semi transparent paper, while it may be too much to consider alongside what I already have, I would definitely like to try to involve this in my book if an appropriate use comes up.
NO 4. Is a nice example of a bird done with printmaking

II also went to the Nobrow shop and purchased a concertina book: "Rise and Fall' by Micah Lidberg who does these amazing detailed and colourful pieces. In Rise and Fall in two long whole images either side of the concertina Lidberg shows the lifespan of the Dinosaurs. I want to achieve the detail and busy nature of this piece with so much to look at and take in, with lots of different textures and the combination of plants and animals. I also like how it works as one piece but also tells a story and has the passage of time. Below I've also included a postcard with the cover of volume 3 of Nobrow's magazine as I thought it was an interesting example of an owl in print.

There's a lot because I just got internet so only able to upload it all now. So while I went to Nobrow I also went to the Book Art Bookshop where I got this by Suki Chan:

In the first little book I love the slow build up of individual cranes to this image with a large number of them and in the second there is a close up of birds flying and a sense of movement ending in an overall image of the group. It could be nice to focus on close ups and move to a large image of the scene.

Finally some examples of printmaking which really inspire me. The first being John Lawrence's Woodcuts. I love the detail of his work.

The second being Colin See-Payton's wood engravings of birds. I admire his compositions which are dynamic. I also love the focus on pattern/strong shapes in the birds feathers. I had this work in the back of my mind when I initially came up with my idea.

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