Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fairy Tales with Dessert

My idea's backtracked a bit since having the combination of so many culture's foods in one image weakens my concept. So I'm going to focus on one culture per image and try doing at least 3 images. Not entirely sure what my final piece should be. I would like a handmade book with my images in it but that depends how many I make. The idea of turning my images into Greetings Cards also appeals to me. I don't know if I need to stick to the culture idea or if I can also explore more direct ways food can relate to certain fairy tales. I may have said this previously but I want to get a balance between a slightly abstract style which has hints towards the fairy tale and a more obvious illustration. I think I want to illustrate the feel of the story more than a direct narrative illustration. I've got some photoshop collage experiments I will put up soon showing some ideas for Red Riding Hood. I've also got some interesting links to examples with use of food, and the combination of food and stories.

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