Saturday, 7 May 2011

Evaluation of Endangered Animals Project

Above are the final printed cards, showing some of the back designs and the checklists. Overall I am pretty happy with this project. I feel the major problem was that I strayed from my original idea which in the end helped with the final piece (the addition of the maps/infographics) but also meant I had less time to work on the imagery and printmaking.

I feel this project taught me that it is important to have a strong specific idea, even if its vague, to keep the work in check, my project started to lose its purpose because I moved away from 'the less there is of something the more treasured it is and should be'. Because I lost this direction my work lacked continuity and my choice of method, printmaking, lost its meaning.

Had I of had more time I would have liked to work more on the visuals for each card, looking at each animals movements and environments to make a more informed image. With more time I could have worked on more designs and more sets. I would also have liked to work on the printmaking techniques and spent more time doing roughs and tests rather than only being able to go straight to the final pieces.

I'm pleased with the posters, I like the colours and feel they are informative as well as decorative. However I could have probably made the meaning of the colours, sizes and numbers of each species more clear although I hope that together with the cards everything makes sense and that this creates a strong relationship between the two. I think the text I created works well on the cards but may be competing with the imagery on the posters. I also had an idea involving stickers which the audience could add onto the poster when they collected new cards which I didn't have time to explore.

Overall I'm happy with what I achieved in the time available but enjoyed this project to the extent that I wished I had more time to work on it. 

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